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Ukulele Skills Lab


Each session in this 4 week online course for beginners who wish to become intermediate, we will play 3 songs to learn:

1x strumming pattern

1x picking pattern

1x riff

This is Ukulele Bootcamp. Fast paced and skills orientated.

Tuesday evenings at 7pm on Zoom

$48 for 4 weeks.

Series #5 stats 10 November. Must have completed Series #3 or #4.

PDFs and audio of all songs provided before each class. The sessions will be recorded and made available to enrolled students.

Email unstrungmusic@gmail.com to join the mailing list to hear about the next series of classes.

Information about teacher, Steph Payne here.About_Us.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0



I’ve had requests for an affordable, slow moving beginners class. Online teaching requires a lot of preparation time so it’s getting hard to make a course that’s viable. So here is the plan...

In this course, each week we will learn a new song or two, arranged by me and then we’ll spend some time jamming with charts I’ve sourced from elsewhere. The following weeks we will play through those new songs I’ve arranged and fewer of the jamming songs. The goal is to build up a repertoire of songs you get to know and play well.

Mondays, 7pm-8pm on Zoom.

$60 for 8 weeks from 5 October.

This course assumes no prior knowledge.

You will need a ukulele and a tuner (or tuning app).

Fast paced skills development

New beginner first steps


Beginners Ukulele Course
Ukulele Skills Lab